Last weekend I travelled to Calgary to meet up with Cynthia and Chris. They took me up to Banff national park and we spent the day touring hiking and doing photos all around the area. I had a great time with both of them and am super pumped for their wedding out there next year!





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Wedding Date: Sept 18th, 2015




Cynthia-&-Chris-(29) Cynthia-&-Chris-(93) Cynthia-&-Chris-(77) Cynthia-&-Chris-(89)

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Cynthia & Chris (25) Cynthia & Chris (217) Cynthia & Chris (192) Cynthia-&-Chris-(212)

Cynthia-&-Chris-(241) Cynthia-&-Chris-(368) Cynthia-&-Chris-(281) Cynthia-&-Chris-(314) Cynthia & Chris (340)
Cynthia-&-Chris-(374) Cynthia-&-Chris-(262)

Cynthia-&-Chris-(264) Cynthia-&-Chris-(1) Cynthia-&-Chris-(386)