Winnipeg Real Estate Photography

Below is my Winnipeg real estate and Architectural photography portfolio. To book now click below. If you have any questions please contact me


Winnipeg Real Estate Photography

Make your Winnipeg real estate listings stand out with exceptionally well lit and perfectly framed real estate photos.

Rates start at $150 per property and covers most marketing applications.

Each photo shoot will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Architectural / Landscape Photography

High quality architectural and landscape imagery for top quality business marketing.

Rates vary depending on building location, size & rooms and travel. Contact me below for a quote.

Winnipeg Real Estate Videography

Adding Video to your listings can dramatically increase sales and help you to book more clients in the future.

Rates start at $225 per property for a High Definition 1-2 minute professionally produced you tube ready video (with intro and outro)

Each video shoot will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Sample Video 1 (no agent)

Sample Video 2 (agent intro)


All Winnipeg Real Estate photography or Architectural images are captured at 36 megapixels using cutting edge equipment and very unique photographing techniques, on the highest quality super wide angle lenses, and using a remote shutter system. This ensures the sharpest and clearest images possible.


Images will be rendered using a very unique technique new to the industry, this creates very crisp images with no blown-out highlights or dark black shadows. Color and clarity enhancements are also performed and will guarantee you get truly brilliant real estate & architectural images for you and your client.


After completion, your images will be uploaded to a secure online server. You’ll be sent a private link allowing you to download your project images in full resolution instantly from Winnipeg or anywhere in the world.

Turn Around Time (hours)

All Winnipeg Real Estate photography & Architectural images will be completed and ready for download within 2 business days from the day they were photographed. Making your boss very, very happy 😉

About Brian Rudolf:

About Brian Rudolf:

Owner / Photographer

I'm an experienced Winnipeg Real Estate photographer and Architectural photographer. If you're a Winnipeg Realtor selling homes or a builder finishing a big project my images WILL get you noticed with your clients. With my very quick turn around time, easy image delivery and high quality equipment I'm confident there is no better solution in Winnipeg to help you stand out!