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Whether it’s for your family or wedding or just an engagement, you deserve beautiful images! I offer easy to follow single rate prices on all my packages, and Incredibly gorgeous high quality products you can optionally purchase after your wedding. Plus all my clients get exclusive future discounts FOR LIFE!

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Family Photography

-Family photos are $350 for groups of 3-8, $450 for 9-14 or $550 for 15+
(anywhere in Winnipeg, images included)

Wedding Photography

Weddings are unavailable for 2021/2022

*All packages include all the high resolution images on disc, delivered within 10 Business days! GUARANTEED!

*All clients receive 20% off any future products or services for life!

Contact me for a detailed customizable price list or to reserve a day/time.


Pre Wedding Features

Wedding Day Features

Post Wedding Features


Pre Wedding Features


Wedding Day Features

Post Wedding Features


Frequently Asked Questions

How many weddings do you shoot per year?

I only shoot a maximum of 20 weddings per year. This cap allows me time for the following.
-Getting to know each client their personality and comfort behind the camera and tailoring shots that work for them.
-Each wedding location gets scoped out and planned for a few days prior, to ensure you get unique shots.
-More time for editing, enhancing and airbrushing all your images after the wedding (a step which takes time and should never be rushed!)
-I personally design your albums, invites, guestbooks, slideshows, etc.

How many photos do we get?

Every wedding is different, however on average my clients get 80-100 photos for every hour I’m with them, sometimes more!

How do YOU prepare for our wedding?

-2 weeks before your wedding we’ll go over final details, time lines, locations etc.
– After that I’ll scope out each location or venue you have booked. While there, I’ll plan and prepare ideas that fit your personalities and / or suggestions.
-The day before your wedding my gear gets tested, cleaned and packed up for your big day.

Do we get the digital negatives?

NO! Digital negatives are unedited files straight out of the camera where no work or time has been spent on them after your wedding.
I OFFER BETTER – I give you the enhanced edited images with blemish removal performed & airbrushing (if needed). Color is also perfected, white balance is corrected and minor exposure adjustments are performed to perfect each photo one by one.

Can we suggest photos we've seen before and fallen in love with?

Of course! Many clients use Pinterest and email me some ideas they would love to try others want to have something done that’s already in my portfolio. I’m always there for you and whatever you have in mind.

Do you have backup locations for bad weather?

Every client that books with me is given a very extensive location list with photo examples, phone numbers, and addresses that they can use to book indoor backup locations. I’m always happy to give suggestions and always recommend a backup location gets booked no later than 6-8 months in advance.

Can we show off our photos to family and friends?

Of course! Feel free to post any photos on social media or direct family to your private gallery that I create 2 weeks after your wedding.

How do we book you for our big day!?

A $1000 retainer (deposit) books your date. Your wedding day package does not have to be decided on until we meet 2 weeks before your wedding.

How long have you shot weddings?

I’ve shot weddings in Winnipeg for 7+ years now (wow time flies!).
I WILL NOT shoot more than 20 weddings/year. This allows me to have a more personal connection with my clients and have time to work with you throughout the year in the planning of your wedding as well as have the time to edit your photos properly and professionally after your big day.

What type of camera equipment do you use?

I’m a Nikon Shooter and I always carry 2 cameras.

My camera body of choice is the D800, a 36 megapixel state of the art full frame camera.

I also carry up to 7 lenses for different situations
A macro lens – for ring shots
A telephoto lens – for ceremonies so I remain hidden
A mid range zoom lens – for close-up situations
A wide angle lens – for those extremely tight “getting ready” shots
A portrait lens – for, well… portraits
A large aperture lens – for extremely dim lit situations

All my lenses are capable of an aperture of F2.8 or lower meaning I can shoot in very low light without a distracting flash (especially good for the ceremony) giving your photos a true natural look!

During the reception – I bring in self standing wireless triggered flashes and strategically place them in the room, that way all your reception photos are brilliantly lit and look amazing!