5 Most Breathtaking Winnipeg Churches for a Wedding Ceremony

After 13+ years of photographing wedding ceremonies, here is my top 5 list of the most jaw-dropping churches in Winnipeg to get married in.


I’ve seen some incredible ceremonies over my years as a wedding photographer – everything from beautiful outdoor setups, intimate backyard ceremonies and even unique and creatively themed ceremonies, but nothing quite drops your jaw like a ceremony in a beautifully built church. Winnipeg has lots of ’em, but I’ve rounded the list down to my Top 5. So, let’s get to it! Below is the list (in no particular order):

Holy Ghost Parish

This 50,000 sq foot church is located on Selkirk Avenue and is a Polish Catholic church built in 1989. It has breathtaking architecture, beautiful ceilings with lots of bright natural light throughout. The church offers a large capacity of approx 900 people. I’ve photographed weddings at this church many times and it’s always stunning. The church also offers a live webcam for anyone unable to attend your ceremony in person. COOL!

Capacity: 900
Built: 1989
Square footage: 50,000
Website: www.holyghost.ca/


St. Luke’s Anglican Church

Located on Nassau Street. This Anglican Church was built in 1914. It offers gorgeous dramatic lighting with a long center aisle running the whole length of the church. It’s the perfect church for those dreaming of a traditional “walk down the aisle”.

Capacity: 500+
Built: 1914
Square footage: 20,000+
Website: www.stlukewinnipeg.com/


St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic church

St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church was built in 1952 and has a very angular design inside which is absolutely breathtakingly well designed. The church is located on Jefferson Avenue and has a large capacity of over 500 people. 

Capacity: 500+
Built: 1952
Square footage: 20,000+
Website: www.stjosephukrwinnipeg.ca/


St Vladamir Ukrainian church

St Vladimir Ukrainian church is located on McGregor Street and is probably the most beautiful church I have shot a wedding in. It’s absolutely massive and has incredible details. It offers very large stained glass windows on both sides of the building with what is probably the longest center aisle I have ever seen. Breathtaking is an understatement.

Capacity: 900+
Built: Unknown
Square footage: 50,000+
Website: www.stsvladimirandolgacathedral.ca/


St. Ignatius Parish

St. Ignatius Church Parish was completed in 1928 on Stafford Street. It has beautiful ceilings designed with wooden beams running along the whole length of the building. it has a very large capacity with a 2nd balcony located at the back.

Capacity: 900+
Built: 1928
Square footage: 40,000+
Website: www.stignatius.ca/



I hope this article helped in planning your wedding in Winnipeg. I have seen countless weddings first hand over my 13-year career as a wedding photographer and have written many more articles to help local Winnipeg couples plan their perfect wedding. 

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Brian Rudolf -Owner/Photographer
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