10 Best Outdoor Family Photo Locations in Winnipeg

A no-nonsense list of the most popular outdoor photo locations in Winnipeg


Let’s be honest, Winnipeg is a unique city known for its trees and with so many trees there are a lot of hidden gems in and around Winnipeg that are great for family photos. After shooting family photos for over 13 years, I have come across a ton of these great locations and wanted to share them with you!


So let’s get to it! Below is the list of my favorite family photo locations in Winnipeg (in no particular order). 

Location 1

This is one of my favorite spots for fall family photos in Winnipeg. It offers several great spots with little to no walking required to get there. Most locations here are well suited for an evening sunset shoot time.

Location 2

This area offers several different scenic changes from woodsy areas to hills and bridges. 15 minutes of walking is required to go from spot to spot but it’s worth the effort. If we get luck lucky with a sunset some pretty incredible images are possible there as well.

Location 3

This is my absolute favorite location in Winnipeg for its looks. However, it can be tricky to access and requires a bit of walking through the bush but still worth all the effort. It’s a tricky location for sun direction aswell and generally only works right at sunrise, sundown or during overcast skies but these challenges make it all that more special when all the stars align.

Location 4

If you love nature but also want a bit of a city feel this area is a great choice! very little walking is needed unless we travel to a few different scenic locations nearby and can offer some views of the city in the background aswell.

Location 5

This area is generally quite peaceful and very accomodating for any time of day. it’s close to the city center but still offers a woodsy feel in spots with some unique architectural elements as well.

Location 6

If you want family photos with lush flowers and unique trees this area is a fantastic choice. On overcast days the area offers dozens of different scenic looks within a very short walk of each other.

Location 7

this vast area offers many different looks. From woodsy to field to beach to enchanted Forrest to sunset positioned hills. It’s a bit outside Winnipeg but once parked requires little walking to most of the scenic spots I regularly shoot at.

Location 8

This location is comprised of 2 spots within a short 2-minute drive of each other but typically families pick one and we stay there. each spot is generally quiet and offers its own unique variety of spots. Both areas can accommodate large group sizes and a sunset shoot time is best for both.

Location 9

Another very woodsy area that offers many mature oak trees a river, hills, and a bridge. it’s generally quiet and quite vast. To get started 5 minutes of walking from the car is required. in the fall this area is a great option for fall reds and yellows.

Location 10

This area offers some unique looks for inside the city. its not a traditional location for family photos but hard to resist given the beauty and variety offered like an overgrown field, mature forest, and along a river.


I hope this article helped in planning family photos in Winnipeg. I have met so many great families over my 13-year career as a winnipeg photographer and look forward to meeting so many more!

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Brian Rudolf -Owner/Photographer
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Brian Rudolf -Owner/Photographer
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