10 Best Outdoor Locations in Winnipeg for Wedding Photos

A no-nonsense list of the most popular outdoor photo locations in Winnipeg


Let’s be honest, Winnipeg is a unique city. We aren’t the size of other Canadian cities like Toronto or Vancouver, which means we don’t have the number of options for photo locations for your wedding either. With that being said, we certainly are unique and there are many hidden gems in and around Winnipeg that are great for wedding photos. After shooting weddings for over 13 years, I have come across a ton of these great locations and wanted to share them with you!


So let’s get to it! Below is the list of my favorite outdoor photo locations in Winnipeg (in no particular order). 

Exchange District

The Exchange District – a place Winnipeg is known for, but also a great area for wedding photos. The over 4 square kilometer area offers dozens of streets, back lanes and even some parks to gather for your photos. If you’re into an urban look this is the place to go!

Fort Gibraltar

Fort Gibraltar is a truly unique location for outdoor wedding photos in Winnipeg. If you’re a naturist or rustic couple this place is perfect. It’s based off the original fort built in 1809 by the northwest company and is used as a tourism location and gathering place for the city. There are fantastic outdoor locations for wedding photos right on the grounds as well as the unique fort walls which provide an exceptional backdrop for family photos.

Assiniboine Forest

Minutes from Assiniboine Park, this location is a woodsy area larger than the park itself. It offers the best woodsy feel in the city. The area has natural walking pathways throughout including hills, ponds, and many different tree species.  There are many hidden spots in this area that are absolutely breathtaking locations for photos. If you’re adventurous for the golden spots bring your walking shoes, however, there are still many spots just seconds from parking your car.

Assiniboine Park

Assiniboine Park is one of Winnipeg’s largest parks and offers both wedding ceremonies and wedding photos (requires booking). Popular locations are the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, Formal Gardens, Assiniboine Park Conservatory, and Qualico Family Centre. The park is close to CMU and nearish to Glendale Golf Club, & St Charles Country Club. The park is also a very popular place for family / engagement photography.

Trappist Monastery Heritage Park

Also called the St Norbert ruins this is another burnt down church that is now used for tourism photos and even wedding ceremonies it offers several great spots for photos and one of the few photo locations in the south end of Winnipeg. 

St. Boniface Ruins

The St Boniface Cathedral is the remains of the church that burnt down in 1968. It’s used now for tourism and can be used for wedding or engagement photos. It provides a great backdrop for photos and is very close to the river which overlooks the provoncher bridge

St Vital Park

St Vital park is located in the south end of Winnipeg and one of a few great parks available in that area. It offers 3 main areas that are great for photos – several spots near the duck pond, another area that is a large overgrown field with mature trees, and a final area near some natural trails in the bush. Photos here are sure to turn out great and are a solid option if you’re staying in the south end of the city.

Provoncher Bridge

The Provoncher bridge has been a major element of the Winnipeg skyline since it was built. It’s also a great place for wedding photos. The location is central to the St. Boniface Cathedral, The Forks and Stephen Juba Park so photos at those locations can also be an efficient use of time without the need for much, or any, driving between locations.

Legislative Grounds

The Legisltative building is a very popular location for wedding and family photography here in Winnipeg. The venue is free to book and photos can be done both inside and outside on the grounds.


I hope this article helped in planning your wedding in Winnipeg. I have seen countless weddings first hand over my 13-year career as a wedding photographer and have written many more articles to help local Winnipeg couples plan their perfect wedding. 

Check out the rest of my site or contact me for more info regarding your wedding. 

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