Creative wedding decor ideas from Winnipeg weddings

Some of the most creative and beautiful decor ideas I've seen, listed in 12 categories

I’ve seen a lot of receptions in my career as a wedding photographer. Everything from stunning wedding cakes, to fun creative wedding games for the kids or adults, hilarious kissing games for the couple, tasty candy bar ideas, even some really incredible head table ideas. 


So many of these receptions have had such creative and gorgeous decor ideas that I’ve written this article to help inspire others when planning their dream wedding.

Decor Categories

  • Lighting
  • Presentation table
  • Centerpieces
  • Candy bar
  • Headtable
  • Ceremony
  • Couple’s kiss games
  • Guestbook
  • Table Decor
  • Kids games
  • Cake
  • Seating charts/cards


Lighting can make a room-transforming difference to a reception. I’ve come across some lighting setups that have absolutely blown me away as well as others that caught my eye on the creative end. Here are a few ideas of wall lights table lighting and even centerpiece lights worth sharing.

Presentation Table

The presentation table is the first things your guests see when they walk in. I’ve seen some very creative ideas on this table a lot of tables get designed with a theme the couple loves, such as travel, pets, or a country/destination theme.


Every table needs one and I’ve seen some jaw dropping ideas. You can go the DIY route which opens up endless possibilities (and can save you money, depending on your design), or you can rent beautiful pieces to accent your theme. 

Candy Bar

Candy bars have become very popular lately, plus who doesn’t love a candy bar? Here are a few candy bars that have stood out in my photography career.


The headtable is the focal point of the reception room. Most tables are raised above the ground and some are even 2 levels high. Here are a few stunning head tables beautifully designed and lit. 


The wedding ceremony deserves to be decorated too! Everything from programs to aisle decor… here are some of my favorite ideas.

Kissing Game

The clinking of the glasses is so 1980 (and some venues don’t allow it due to the number of broken glassware). Now days, couples get creative with fun interactive games for the guests to entice the couple to kiss.  Everything from Plinko to donations, singing or even trivia.


Clients guestsbooks have gotten very creative the last 10 years. Gone are the books with blank lines and names – now guests can expect to see some very unique ways to sign their name for the couple to remember who shared in their special day!

Wedding Favors

These small tokens of appreciation for your guests can be anything from a simple chocolate to a homemade jam!  Favors leave the door wide open for your creativity and budget!

Kids Games

If you’re having small kids attend your wedding, having a few games or activities for them is a must to help their parents enjoy the evening or even get involved after a few adult beverages 😉


Shooting weddings for over 10 years and I’ve yet to see the same cake twice. Couples want cakes that fit their personality and the style of their wedding. Here are a few examples.

Seating Charts / Cards

Guests need to know where to sit and a table of seating cards or a chart of the seating arrangement can become a creative way to help decorate your reception and give your guests a fun way to find their seat.


I hope this article helped in planning your wedding in Winnipeg. I have seen countless weddings first hand over my 13-year career as a wedding photographer and have written many more articles to help local Winnipeg couples plan their perfect wedding. 

Check out the rest of my site or contact me for more info regarding your wedding. 

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