Well what can I say… This wedding was incredible. From the amazing couple to their wedding party, the location and the guests everything was perfect!  Cass and Dan are both such great people and i had a truly awesome time with them all day. The wedding was held on their property in Kenora with photos in various locations and then finally their reception at the Kenora tent. The tent was an incredible location for a reception and the guests/ DJ had that place rocking when it came time to dance! (how many times did we blow the breaker? LOL!!)
Congrats guys, so happy for the both of you!


(password is the grooms last name –  NO CAPS)



Others Involved:

Decor (Sandy Z)

Cake (Sandy Z / Second Street Bakery)

Flowers ( Flowers by the Lake )

Catering ( Chad Gropp Country Catering)

DJ ( Great Times Event Productions  )

Ceremony ( Thanks to Joey & Tracy K  /  Gord Day-Janz)


Grab a tissue & view their slideshow

dan-cass-kenora-wedding-(51) dan-cass-kenora-wedding-(50) dan-cass-kenora-wedding-(49) dan-cass-kenora-wedding-(48)

Cass-&-Dan-(201) dan-cass-kenora-wedding-(47)


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dan-cass-kenora-wedding-(3) dan-cass-kenora-wedding-(2)



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