Today was such an extravagant day. I had a blast shooting Kristal and Peter’s wedding.  They are such a good couple & the mid-April weather was amazing at +22!

I’m also so proud at how their pictures turned out… I couldn’t have imagined a better day!

Here is a massively huge taste of their day.

Congrats guys!!!

Family and friends can view the entire day HERE and their slide show HERE (password is the grooms last name)


DSC_6258-Edit DSC_2053 DSC_6271 DSC_2099-Edit

Kristal & Peter 096

DSC_2080-EditKristal & Peter 149
DSC_2109 DSC_6574 DSC_6364 DSC_6389-Edit DSC_6481 DSC_6507

DSC_2334 DSC_2337 DSC_2356 DSC_2291-Edit DSC_6518 DSC_2321
DSC_6566 DSC_6596
Kristal & Peter 430
DSC_6559 DSC_6548 DSC_2523 DSC_2553

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